Bengali style Okra Curry- How to cook delicious okra Curry

Dharosh Chorchori is easy cook recipe. If you have less time and have to cook something yummy then Dharosh Chorchori is the best option.

This delicious recipe from West Bengal is quick to cook and delicious in taste.


Okra -300 gm

Turmeric powder pinch

Salt to taste

Indian style five spices

Sugar to taste

Mustard oil to cook

How to cook This recipe

Wash Okras and cut off both the edges. Then cut them horizontally.

Boil oil in pan. Temper the oil with paanchforon(Indian style five spices)

Now sprinkle salt and turmeric powder on the okras.

Put them in pan.

Stir fry them for a while.

Add salt and sugar. Cook till Okras become brown.

As Okras become golden, add water in pan.

Cook for few minutes till water dries up.

Transfer to a plate.

Wonderful side dish for rice.


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