Bengali style Oler Dalna| Cook Yum Curry in Coconut

Ol is a very popular vegetable in Bengali household. We cook it with fish head, prawns and even with coconut (veg version). Today I am sharing the veg version of the curry.

Key ingredients for the curry are shown below. ▶️Ol (steamed) ▶️ Boiled Potato cubes ▶️ Coconut (grated) ▶️ Turmeric powder-1 tsp ▶️ Coriander powder -1 tsp ▶️ Cinnamon – 2strand. ▶️ Chillies- 1 piece

Now comes the cooking steps.

▶️Boil oil in pan and fry the cinnamon stick in the oil ▶️Boil oil in pan and fry ol pieces and potato cubes in it. Fry it till it becomes golden brown. Add turmeric powder and salt. ▶️Now comes the step of adding coconut.

▶️ While mixing coconut in the curry, sugar must be added in the same. Add salt tastewise. Now cook in low flame for a while. ▶️Add garam masala powder and OLER DALNA is ready to serve.


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