Chalkumror ghonto is a traditional bengali dish. Chalkumro or Ash Gourd holds a special place in Bengali kitchen. It is our Mom’s favorite vegetable to cook for their children. As it has many nutritional benefits, doctors also recommend it for patients, children. There are veg as well as non veg version of recipes with chalkumro. The recipe which I am sharing today is the easiest vegetarian version. I have used minimal ingredients to keep it less spicy. It goes best with rice.

Preparation time -15 minutes Cooking time-20 minutes Total time -35 minutes

INGREDIENTS. A} Chalkumro -1 medium size. B} Few Potato cubes (boiled). C) Yellow lentil – 2 spoon. D} Ginger-1 slice. E} Cumin-coriander powder -1/2 tsp. F} Garam masala powder-1tsp G} Salt and sugar tastewise. H} Turmeric powder -pinch

COOKING STEPS. 1) Chop ash Gourd into fine pieces. Wash it well. Now boil oil in pan and put the chopped ash Gourd into the oil. 2) Add turmeric powder, salt and sugar (tastewise). Now cook it in low flame after covering it with a lid. 3) Fry yellow lentils in other pan. Set it aside and fry potato cubes in the same. 4) Now put these in the kadai where ash gourd is getting cooked. 5) Add ginger slice and cumin-coriander powder. Saute everything well. 6) Add water if needed. 7) Add garam masala powder before finishing the cooking. Garam masala powder adds flavor to the curry.

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  1. Another delicious recipe! Sounds so healthy!!!!

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    1. Heliophilecooksandwrites says:

      Thank you so much 😍

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  2. Looks tempting !!! ……love this.


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