LAJAWAB PRAWN| How to Cook Bengali style delicious Prawn Curry

Being a Bong , fish is my weakness, on top of it #shrimp is my favorite. You can make me do any work over a bowl of yummy shrimp curry. In my blog I have posted several recipes on shrimp.

A) Kochu diye Chingri. A typical Bengali style dish where shrimps are fried and then cooked with taro root.
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B) Onion Prawn. Prawns are tossed in oil with onion cubes. It is less spicy.
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C) PRAWN DO PYAZA. Fried shrimps are cooked in the gravy of tomato garlic where fried onion rings are added to the top.
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D) Chilli Prawn. A bengali version of the popular Chinese preparation of the prawn.
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E) Chingrir bati Chorchori. An age old bengali recipe for prawn. It is very popular in the Bengali household.
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Today I am sharing another prawn recipe.

Preparation time-10 mins Cooking time-20 minutes Total time -30 minutes

INGREDIENTS. ✓Prawns -250 gm ✓ Tomato -1 large. ✓ Garlic cloves -4 to 5. ✓Coriander powder-1tsp. ✓ Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp. ✓Salt to taste. ✓Potato cubes

COOKING STEPS. 1) First step involves washing of prawns. Prawns need to be washed throughly. Sprinkle turmeric powder on the prawns. Then boil oil in pan and fry prawns in the oil. Add the potato cubes in the same oil.

2)Now prepare a paste of tomato and garlic. As the prawns get fried, add the paste. Add salt to taste. Add the coriander powder.

3) Cook everything till the raw smell goes away. Add water if needed.

Cook in low flame for a while till the water starts boiling. As the gravy gets cooked , it is ready to serve.


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