Vasant Panchami marks the arrival of spring season. It is celebrated every year in the month of Maagh (according to Hindu calendar). On Vasant Panchami, Hindu devotees worship Goddess Saraswati – the goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning. Goddess Saraswati symbolises creative energy.


On this day, in many parts of the country kids hold pen/pencil and write their first word on this auspicious day. It’s a tradition of Bengali household and this auspicious occasion is regarded as “Haathe Khori”. In most cases either the pandit who does the pujo or the elderly man of the house carries this ritual. The child sits in the lap of the man and he holds the pencil in the hand of the child and makes him/her write. This day marks the beginning of education of the child.


There are numerous ways to worship Goddess Saraswati. In our house we worship Goddess Saraswati in a very simple way. We offer fruits (odd number-7/9) to goddess. Along with fruits we offer sweets and curd. Also we offer khoi, murli , chire, batasha to the goddess.


On this day, we usually wake up early, clean the place where we will place the goddess. Then we take bath and wear new clothes. Goddess Saraswati’s favourite colour is yellow, so we mostly prefer to wear yellow clothes this day. Also we Bengali girls love to deck up ourselves on this day. We love to wear saree on this day. Then we prepare for the pujo.


In our home, we have placed a raise platform where we have placed Goddess Saraswati. My sister have drawn alpana around the platform. Then we have placed the plates where we have arranged fruits, flower for the goddess.

Also we offer turmeric to Goddess Saraswati. After pujo, we apply the turmeric on our forehead.

Light diya and incense sticks in front of goddess Saraswati.

After the ritual is over, distribute prasad among friends and relatives.


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