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Sorshe Ilish| Cook Hilsha in Mustard Paste

Bengalis love Ilish maach more than anything. Today’s recipe is a simple Ilish maach recipe where Ilish maach is cooked in mustard paste.

We bongs love Hilsha like crazy – be it ilish maach bhaja , ilish bhapa or simply ilisher jhol we lick up our plates like 😋😋😋😋

Here I am posting today my second Ilish post. Last time I cooked Ilish bhapa which is much loved Ilish preparation. Now today I am posting another Ilish preparation which is my Mom’s speciality. I tried my best to imitate her. Well I couldn’t match up with her but my version won heart of my Mom . So today I am sharing the recipe here.

Ingredients ▶️ Hilsha pieces ▶️ Turmeric powder▶️ Black cumin seeds▶️ Mustard paste- 4 spoons ▶️ Salt – tastewise ▶️ Mustard oil- As required ▶️ Green Chilli

First step involves washing the fish pieces and sprinkle turmeric powder and salt on it as shown above. Now boil oil in pan and fry them and set them aside.

Now tamper the oil with Cumin seeds. This is also known as Nigella.Now add mustard paste in it and saute it. Mustard paste preparation is the most important thing here. Now a days ready made mustard powder are available in the market. Buy one such packet and then mix it in lukewarm water and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Add this mixture in the oil. Add green chillies and fried fish pieces in the gravy. Drizzle mustard oil on it and finish the cooking.

This goes best with rice .

Fish recipe

Mourola Maach Bhaja (Mola Carplet fry) | Cook simple Maach Bhaja

We Bengalis love fish more than anything else. There are various delicious preparations of fish. This is my #third post on fish. Previously I have posted fish curry and maacher jhol here. Today I am posting the simplest preparation.

Key ingredient here is Mourola maach, oil and salt and turmeric powder.

Wash fish pieces and sprinkle salt, turmeric powder on it. In the meantime boil oil in pan. Now put the fish in the oil and fry them till it becomes golden brown.

This crispy and crunchy fish , you can have it with rice and dal combo.

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Bengali style Oler Dalna| Cook Yum Curry in Coconut

Ol is a very popular vegetable in Bengali household. We cook it with fish head, prawns and even with coconut (veg version). Today I am sharing the veg version of the curry.

Key ingredients for the curry are shown below. ▶️Ol (steamed) ▶️ Boiled Potato cubes ▶️ Coconut (grated) ▶️ Turmeric powder-1 tsp ▶️ Coriander powder -1 tsp ▶️ Cinnamon – 2strand. ▶️ Chillies- 1 piece

Now comes the cooking steps.

▶️Boil oil in pan and fry the cinnamon stick in the oil ▶️Boil oil in pan and fry ol pieces and potato cubes in it. Fry it till it becomes golden brown. Add turmeric powder and salt. ▶️Now comes the step of adding coconut.

▶️ While mixing coconut in the curry, sugar must be added in the same. Add salt tastewise. Now cook in low flame for a while. ▶️Add garam masala powder and OLER DALNA is ready to serve.

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Pumpkin Fritter| How to Cook fritters with pumpkin slices

This fritter is very popular in the Bengali household. It can be cooked quickly and goes best with rice and dal.

Ingredients ▶️ Pumpkin pieces ▶️ Besan – 5 spoons ▶️ Salt as per taste ▶️ Sugar – tastewise ▶️ Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp ▶️Water

Cooking steps ▶️ Wash pumpkin pieces and start preparing the batter. ▶️Now mix besan, turmeric powder, salt , sugar and water well. Consistency is important. ▶️ The batter shouldn’t be too thin nor too thick. As the batter gets ready dip pumpkin pieces in them and then fry fritters in oil.

Serve crispy brown fritters with hot rice and dal.

Fish recipe

Ilish bhapa Recipe| How to Cook Bengali style Ilish Bhapa

A very delectable Bengali cuisine cooked using king of fish – Hilsa. You can easily cook this delicious Ilish Recipe.

Ingredients ☑️ Hilsha fish pieces-2 ☑️ Mustard paste – 1 small bowl. ☑️ Poppy seed paste- 2 spoon ☑️Salt – tastewise ☑️ Mustard oil

☑️Prepare a paste of mustard , poppy seed and salt and turmeric powder and put it in a box. ☑️Put fish pieces in it. Drizzle mustard oil in it. Let it steam for 25 to 30 minutes. ☑️Put it off and serve it hot with rice.


Aloo – Dal ki Sabzi Recipe | Cook Potatoes with Chana Dal

Split Chick Peas are very nutritious. Together with aloo a healthy and tasty dish has been cooked.

Boiled potato cubes and split chick peas are cooked in the gravy of tomato ginger paste where garam masala powder has been added to give flavor to the curry. Tastes best when served with roti.

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Bengali style Okra Curry- How to cook delicious okra Curry

Dharosh Chorchori is easy cook recipe. If you have less time and have to cook something yummy then Dharosh Chorchori is the best option.

This delicious recipe from West Bengal is quick to cook and delicious in taste.


Okra -300 gm

Turmeric powder pinch

Salt to taste

Indian style five spices

Sugar to taste

Mustard oil to cook

How to cook This recipe

Wash Okras and cut off both the edges. Then cut them horizontally.

Boil oil in pan. Temper the oil with paanchforon(Indian style five spices)

Now sprinkle salt and turmeric powder on the okras.

Put them in pan.

Stir fry them for a while.

Add salt and sugar. Cook till Okras become brown.

As Okras become golden, add water in pan.

Cook for few minutes till water dries up.

Transfer to a plate.

Wonderful side dish for rice.


SOYA CHUNKS CURRY RECIPE| How to Cook Soya Chunk Curry

Soya Chunks also known as meal maker are widely used in Indian food. They are popular as their healthy and protein rich and also because they are good alternative for meat.

This is Soya Chunks Curry or gravy recipe that can be used as a side dish for Biryani, Chapati , Pulao.


Soya chunks


Soya Chunk

Aloo- 2 (diced and boiled)



Ginger- A thin slice

Garlic-4 to 5 cloves

Cumin-coriander powder-1 spoon

Garam masala


Make a fine paste of tomato ginger garlic and set aside.

Now boil oil in pan and fry diced potatoes in it. When potatoes turned golden in colour add masala paste in it and mix them. Then add water soaked soya chunk in it. Stir well. Add cumin-coriander powder and salt and turmeric powder , mix everything. Add water as much needed. Cover it with lid and let it cook in the oven for a while in low flame.

Add garam masala powder and soya chunk masala is ready to serve.

Have it hot with rice.

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Badami Paneer|Cook paneer in almond gravy

Paneer is fresh cheese which is beneficial for health. As it is versatile in nature it is the star ingredient of our kitchen. It goes well with all kinds of spices. This recipe is cooked in almond gravy with spices giving flavour.

Today I am sharing a paneer recipe which I had with kaju – kishmish pulao. It’s badami paneer.

A tasty and rich paneer gravy recipe made with tomato and almonds. Almond gives an amazing nutty taste and spices like garam masala powder gives flavour to the curry.



Preparation time -10 minutes

Cooking time -20 minutes

Total time -30 minutes


Paneer -300-gm. Almonds -1/2 cup. Raisin -1/4 cup. Ginger slice. Turmeric powder pinch. Tomato -1. Garam masala powder -1 tsp. Salt to taste. Oil to cook


Cut paneer into cubes. Fry paneer in oil and set aside.

Make a paste of tomato and ginger slice and almonds and raisins.

Put the paste in pan.

Add turmeric powder and salt in pan.

Saute them till the raw smell of the masala goes away.

Add water as much needed.

Add fried paneer cubes.

Cook for few minutes more.

Sprinkle garam masala powder and finish cooking.

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Today I am going to share my recipe of Mango Sandesh. Mango- the king of fruits is my sole reason to love summer. Today I am divulging my way of making Sandesh with the king of fruits. It is very simple and easy to cook. Let’s Cook Mango Sandesh easily.


Mango -2. Lemon -2 Milk -2 packets. Sugar -1 cup.


Boil milk and reduce the milk into half. Then squeeze lime juice in the milk. Obtain the curdled milk. Take the chaana on a plate and mash the chana

Put 1 spoon ghee in pan. Add the chaana. Toss the chaana.

Squeeze the juice from mangoes.

Put the pulp in pan.

Stir for a while.

Add sugar to taste.

Saute till the mixture dries up.

Transfer to a greased plate.

Cut them into barfis/ sandesh