Tomato tyangrar rosha

Tyangra maach , you know what friends I am having this fish since my school days. And believe me it tastes yumm😋. So when I cooked it today I planned to share my recipe with you also. Don’t forget to mention in the comment section how much do you like it.

Ingredients : Ingredients are very simple and mostly available in your kitchen all time. So here’s the list ➡️ Tyangra maach ➡️ Tomato – 2 medium size ➡️ Ginger-garlic paste ➡️Oil ➡️ Salt and sugar tastewise

Cooking steps ➡️Boil oil in kadai and fry fish pieces carefully as oil splatters very much. As it fries set it aside. ➡️Now blend tomato and add it in the same oil. Saute it well. Then add ginger-garlic paste and sugar and salt. Cover with a lid and cook in low flame for a while. ➡️As the raw smell of the masala goes away add water as much needed. Add fried fish pieces. Let it cook for a while. Add green chillies and hot hot tyangrar rosha is ready to serve.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shashank says:

    It looks delicious. And plating is also nice. 😋


    1. theheliophile24 says:

      Thank you


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